Set in a quiet locale, Park Corner is huddled within Hyde Park’s lush landscape, with garden pockets infused

throughout the zone. Privacy, serenity and harmony prevail at Park Corner, where contemporary living is once

again redefined. The residential areas are a true epitome of comfortable, sentimental living; one that tells and

revives an eloquent story of how people once grew up in welcoming communities, and children spent their

afternoons chasing birds and butterflies in a safe and nurturing environment.

Park Corner’s residential area was meticulously planned and designed, down to every little detail.

The suave, curved streets reveal a picturesque view of the enchanting Villas, surrounded by the green

backdrops that flow smoothly across Hyde Park. Twin houses, townhouses and villas are harmoniously

dispersed across the zone, each with a unique view and utmost privacy. The Villas use natural, earthy

tones in Park Corner’s signature colors of white and soft grey, blending seamlessly with Mother

Nature’s emerald surroundings.

Park Corner’s contemporary twin houses, townhouses and villas are designed to provide an abundance of green

and positive spaces, with well-defined boundaries that invite their homeowners to make the best use of them.

The constructions use pure forms with a mix of protruding and curved-in edges, offering a balanced mix of natural

light and shadows, and guarding the house from the harsh summer heat. Abundant natural light and ventilation

flow into every room through large windows and roomy terraces that complement the contemporary façade of

each house.

Overlooking beautiful green vistas, Park Corner’s houses were designed to artfully blend and connect

indoor and outdoor living spaces, and the interior designs are convenient and malleable enough to

allow for personal customization. The inspired twin houses, townhouses and villas feature spacious

rooms and an additional nanny’s room. Every room is essentially designed inside-out, to maximize and

optimize the use of space and to accommodate for today’s sizeable fixtures and furniture.