Al Burouj Medical District



Access to premium quality healthcare and well being has never been more possible as Redcon Medical Parks promise to alter the medical landscape by accommodating the needs of patients, healthcare providers, as well as the environment. The fully integrated medical destination is set to be a regional and local healthcare magnet that signals a paradigm shift in convenient, quality healthcare for people.

Comprising 4 buildings, with total built-up area of 33,000 m2, the Medical District offers a fully integrated medical destination which includes a diverse number of healthcare facilities and services. The design is created to ensure privacy, space efficiency and operational sustainability. The 100 polyclinics and a number of independent clinics are planned to serve patients as well as practitioners already living within the project’s 30km radius.

Building 1:

Polyclinics, independent clinics, pharmacy, lab, diagnostic center, Gym, Wellness Center. restaurants and coffee shops

Building 2:


Building 3:

Specialized medical centers, restaurants and coffee shops

Building 4:

Polyclinics, independent clinics, restaurants and coffee shops